Monday, August 27, 2007

A Truth Liar Kyl Never Told You

New hiring law nears, migrants flee
Immigration hard-liners cheer, but economic fallout begins
Daniel GonzálezThe Arizona RepublicAug. 26, 2007 12:00

Adrian, an undocumented immigrant and construction foreman, plans to sell his Tonopah property and move back to Mexico with his wife, Alicia, and children Franky, 3, Gerardo, 6, and Miranda, 7.

Jon Kyl promised in his campaign that there would be no amnesty for law breakers. When he was re-elected he co- sponsored an Amnesty Bill for illegals. Jon Kyl and his new boss Ted Kennedy mocked patriot Americans that demanded the U.S. government enforce current law and demand the border sealed. They would say things like "well, we can't round up 12-20 million illegals and deport them, that would be impossible, therefore we must give them citizenship"

The truth is, most pro-law and order Americans never advocated a massive round up(although if the U.S. wanted to do it, they could accomplish it, it would certainly be easier then bringing 'democracy' to Iraq). Amyway, all the American people wanted was to enforce current immigration law-such as--

Fine employers who hire illegals---Hiring illegals is Illegal.

Many, myself included said if this is done, along with denying illegals entitlements, illegals will deport themselves. I knew this, You Know this, but Liar Kyl and many of the other spinless worms in the Republican Party liked to pretend they didn't know this--They thought you were suckers--Kyl and his ilk look down on you---They wanted to slander you as mean and heartless--while they sold out their souls and our country to bussiness interests and LaRaza--knowing all along that this problem could be solved easily--

Meanwhile, Arizona Republicans with character like Russsel Pearce(Mesa) who passed the new employer-sanctions law, remained true to the will of the citizens.(only vote for Republicans who have already proven themselves).

And cheers to Governor Janet Napolitano(Democrat) who signed the bill into law. The Democratic governor also voiced support for some sort of Amnesty for illegals. But unlike Liar Kyl, when she realized the majority of Arizonians wanted something done about illegals she followed the will of the people. Napolitano secured her re-election. Next election, when the Republican opponent runs against her and declares how he/she will be tough on securing our border, remember Jon Kyl. Lying Republican Jon Kyl.

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Joe said...

As a Republican who works in immigration law enforcement and who participated in this whole process, I can personally tell you that you could not be further from the truth. I can show you PDFs of amendments Senator Kyl sponsored that would have fixed many of the loopholes & problems in the bill. I have the entire bill (both versions) as well as PDFs of all amendments as signed/filed by all senators.

If you're interested in learning something rooted in documentable truth rather than just name-calling, send me an e-mail.

jkdeep6 at yahoo dot com