Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Liar Kyl Silent--Another Lie-Border Fence won't be built.

Remember the 864 Miles of double-layered Border fence to be constructed on the Mexican Border?
Congress is CANCELLING it!!!

Jon Kyl says nothing, does nothing--no mention from liar Kyl

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ariz. Immigration Law Challenge Tossed

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging new Arizona immigration law

PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge threw out a lawsuit that challenged a new Arizona law that prohibits businesses from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, clearing the way for the restrictions to take effect in January......

PHOENIX (AP) — A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit seeking to block a new Arizona law that prohibits people from hiring illegal immigrants and requires businesses to verify whether applicants are eligible for employment.

The law takes effect Jan. 1.

In his ruling on Friday, U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake wrote that the lawsuit was premature because there was no evidence that anybody had been harmed, and that the plaintiffs — a coalition of business and immigrant rights groups — were suing the wrong people.

The ruling said the law gives only investigatory authority to the governor and state attorney general, who were named as defendants. Wake said county prosecutors, who weren't defendants, actually have the power to enforce the law.

The plaintiffs had asked for a preliminary injunction blocking the law from taking effect.

Julie Pace, an attorney for the business groups, said her clients were meeting Saturday to determine whether to appeal the ruling or file a separate lawsuit against the county prosecutors. She said the business groups could pursue both avenues.

Alfredo Gutierrez, a spokesman for immigrant rights groups, said they plan to refile the lawsuit after Jan. 1, when they might be able to show damages caused by the law.

A spokesman for Gov. Janet Napolitano said the governor's office had not yet read the ruling and had no immediate comment.

Napolitano signed the bill in July, saying that while immigration is a federal responsibility, Congress was apparently "incapable of coping with the comprehensive immigration reforms our country needs."

The law is intended to curb Arizona's role as the busiest illegal gateway into the country. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that illegal immigrants account for one in 10 workers in the Arizona economy.
Under the law, any business that is found to have knowingly hired an illegal worker is subject to sanctions ranging from probation to a 10-day suspension of its business licenses. A second violation would bring permanent revocation of the license.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit had argued the law was an unconstitutional attempt by the state to regulate immigration, which is the responsibility of the federal government. The judge's ruling did not address that argument.

"He didn't uphold the law," Pace said. "He didn't decide if it was constitutional. We can have that argument another day."
Attorneys for the state say the groups weren't reading the law correctly and that it does not conflict with federal law.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Jon Kyl's Got A Loophole In His Head

For some reason I missed reading this comment from a Republican

From Joe-

As a Republican who works in immigration law enforcement and who participated in this whole process, I can personally tell you that you could not be further from the truth.

I can show you PDFs of amendments Senator Kyl sponsored that would have fixed many of the loopholes & problems in the bill.

I have the entire bill (both versions) as well as PDFs of all amendments as signed/filed by all senators.

If you're interested in learning something rooted in documentable truth rather than just name-calling, send me an e-mail.jkdeep6 at yahoo dot com
September 14, 2007 5:24 PM

Thank you for your letter, Joe

I am not interested in reading PDF documents showing how Liar Kyl added amendements to solve the ' loopholes' and 'problems' in his own bill which he drafted with Ted Kennedy.

I and the majority of American 'CITIZENS' do not want to grant Amnersty to Illegal Aliens. You need to understand that. You see, even if Liar Kyl put in an amendement to fix a loophole that would for example give violent illegal criminals a 'path to citizenship' we would still be against the bill. I am not against part of the bill, but the whole bill. No Amnesty for Nobody. Get it?

Anyways, Kyl has a history of lying --so if he says he's going to fix a 'loophole' with an amendement who's to believe him? Maybe he's got another loophole to get rid of the amendment that was to fix the other the loophole. He said 'No Amnesty' last year before the election. But of course, Liar Kyl conceived of a loophole to get around that statement. Heh heh heh. With Jon Kyl we are living in the world of Joseph Heller's Catch-22.

No, instead of listening to Jon Kyl's double talk and his Republican party shills. I'll listen to some truth from some real folks. Here's something I heard said the other day-

''My cousin, who owns a small farm, has told me about a long row of trailers near his land which house the Mexicans who work at the local Wal-Mart. In this particular Wal-Mart, my cousin reported, the workers were not permitted to sit at any time during the working day. They even eat their lunches standing up, and they probably are not even allowed to sit down to die.

No pot-bellied, country club Republican should be allowed to claim he is a capitalist and a conservative. There is nothing conservative about capitalism. The capitalist wants open borders, which destroy nationhood; he wants a low minimum wage, which destroys home and hearth; and he wants an ever-expanding, ever-changing economy, which destroys home, hearth, and nation."

You see, the majority of Republican Party Senators(not you Mr. Sessions) and their cult like followers don't care about Mexicans. They don't care about Americans. They don't care about Nobody. All they care about is MONEY, and having their ego stroked. Yes, Mr Senator. Right Away, Mr Senator. The Honorable Senator from the state of.....

"...the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life --"(Quoted 1 John 2:15-17 and motto of United States Senate)

And as far as name calling goes-

Charles Manson is a nut-job

Saddam Hussein was a Tyrant

Jon Kyl is a Liar

And our Republican representitives consists mostly of empty adultorus narcissistic millionaires. They remind me of The Pharisees that Jesus railed against-

Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and love respectful greetings in the market places, and chief seats in the synagogues and places of honor at banquets, (Luke 20:46)

Can anyone honestly deny that the above verse applies to the majority of the United States Senate?

In the meantime, those that do actually care more about this country, and our children's future over fullfilling their personal lusts will continue to expose them.

Ere I own a usurper

I'll crouch with the fox

So tremble false whigs,

In the midst o' your glee,

Ye have not seen the last

O' my bonnets and me.

--Sir Walter Scott

Update! Dream(NIghtmare act) Fails!

They tried AGAIN to sneak in another amnesty bill--but we stopped it again!

Keep on eye on these lying traitorous 'representitives' they won't give up. Stay tuned for more treasonous bills. No North American Union!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well, I'LL Be A Son Of A Bitch

They are calling it the Dream Act

Backdoor Amnesty: The Dream Act

Amnesty Senators have snuck an amnesty bill back onto theSenate floor and a crucial vote will take place this week.Sen. Dick Durbin is attaching the so-called “Dream Act”to the Defense Appropriations Bill.

We’re calling the Dream Act the “Nightmare Amnesty Act.”Here’s why:
–The Dream Act gives amnesty to any illegal alienclaiming to have arrived in the U.S. prior to age 16.

–Any illegal alien can apply, no matter the current age. Soif a 35 year old illegal can make a claim to have been inthe U.S. prior to age 16, he can apply.

–Those who get amnesty through the Dream Act can thensponsor family members. It creates million of “anchorteens” who create a direct amnesty path for their family.

–Illegal aliens who apply cannot be deported.

–Plus, the bill allows illegals to get in-state tuition rates,meaning your tax dollars will pay for illegals to go to college!

The Dream Act is truly a nightmare

Alejandra Rivas was booked into a Maricopa County jail Wednesday on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor

Rivas admitted to sexual contact and also told deputies that she is an undocumented immigrant, Chagolla said.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Truth Liar Kyl Never Told You

New hiring law nears, migrants flee
Immigration hard-liners cheer, but economic fallout begins
Daniel GonzálezThe Arizona RepublicAug. 26, 2007 12:00

Adrian, an undocumented immigrant and construction foreman, plans to sell his Tonopah property and move back to Mexico with his wife, Alicia, and children Franky, 3, Gerardo, 6, and Miranda, 7.

Jon Kyl promised in his campaign that there would be no amnesty for law breakers. When he was re-elected he co- sponsored an Amnesty Bill for illegals. Jon Kyl and his new boss Ted Kennedy mocked patriot Americans that demanded the U.S. government enforce current law and demand the border sealed. They would say things like "well, we can't round up 12-20 million illegals and deport them, that would be impossible, therefore we must give them citizenship"

The truth is, most pro-law and order Americans never advocated a massive round up(although if the U.S. wanted to do it, they could accomplish it, it would certainly be easier then bringing 'democracy' to Iraq). Amyway, all the American people wanted was to enforce current immigration law-such as--

Fine employers who hire illegals---Hiring illegals is Illegal.

Many, myself included said if this is done, along with denying illegals entitlements, illegals will deport themselves. I knew this, You Know this, but Liar Kyl and many of the other spinless worms in the Republican Party liked to pretend they didn't know this--They thought you were suckers--Kyl and his ilk look down on you---They wanted to slander you as mean and heartless--while they sold out their souls and our country to bussiness interests and LaRaza--knowing all along that this problem could be solved easily--

Meanwhile, Arizona Republicans with character like Russsel Pearce(Mesa) who passed the new employer-sanctions law, remained true to the will of the citizens.(only vote for Republicans who have already proven themselves).

And cheers to Governor Janet Napolitano(Democrat) who signed the bill into law. The Democratic governor also voiced support for some sort of Amnesty for illegals. But unlike Liar Kyl, when she realized the majority of Arizonians wanted something done about illegals she followed the will of the people. Napolitano secured her re-election. Next election, when the Republican opponent runs against her and declares how he/she will be tough on securing our border, remember Jon Kyl. Lying Republican Jon Kyl.

Good article--Why Mexicans Hate Mexico

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Arizona Voters tell Kyl and McCain-We Don't Like You

"Republican political consultant Jake Logan said the Republican senators’ images have suffered because of their high-profile roles in the Senate’s failed immigration reform legislation"

Poll: McCain, Kyl plunge in popularity

"Kyl served as one of the chief authors of the immigration reform legislation, which would have bolstered border security, offered a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants..."

"Both McCain and Kyl took vocal roles in support of the legislation"

Never Forget-

Both McCain and Kyl took vocal roles in support of the legislation

offered a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants

Both McCain and Kyl took vocal roles in support of the legislation

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liar Jon Kyl would have given this man Amnesty

Never Forget!

Senator Jon Kyl ran for reelection on a platform of No Amnesty/No path to citizenship for illegal aliens. He Lied. Liar Kyl.

If Liar Kyl had his way, and his Amnesty bill was passed this man would have been eligible for Amnesty.

This is no exageration-- Jose Carranza(top right) whom was free on bail for previous crimes, including charged with raping a five year old girl, could have still received American citizenship if the Liar Kyl/Kennedy Bill was passed. Just take a look at what Senator Jeff Sessions(AL) called loophole #6 of the Liar Kyl bill, -

Loophole 6 – Some Child Molesters Are Still Eligible:

Some aggravated felons – those who have sexually abused a minor – are eligible for amnesty. A child molester who committed the crime before the bill is enacted is not barred from getting amnesty if their conviction document omitted the age of the victim. The bill corrects this loophole for future child molesters, but does not close the loophole for current or past convictions. [See p. 47: 30-33, & p. 48: 1-2]

Your Conviction document forgot to put down the age of the liitle girl you raped--congratulations Jose.

If loophole #6 didn't get Jose Carranza Amnesty, there was loophole #5-

Loophole 5 – Completion of Background Checks Not Required For Probationary Legal Status:

Legal status must be granted to illegal aliens 24 hours after they file an application, even if the aliens have not yet “passed all appropriate background checks.” (Last year’s bill gave DHS 90 days to check an alien’s background before any status was granted). No legal status should be given to any illegal alien until all appropriate background checks are complete. [See pp. 290].

24 hours is not enough time for a thorough background check-congratulations Jose

And don't forget about loophole #8-

Loophole 8 – Gang Members Are Eligible:

Instead of ensuring that members of violent gangs such as MS 13 are deported after coming out of the shadows to apply for amnesty, the bill will allow violent gang members to get amnesty as long as they “renounce” their gang membership on their application. [See p. 289: 34-36].(see May 23, 2007 blog entry for more on this)

But most important of all don't forget that Senator Jon (Liar) Kyl sponsored the bill. Nor forget, the Senators that voted for it's passage. Next step, put a stop to Sanctuary cities