Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liar Kyl: I got a new bill-it's not Amnesty, it's 'regularization'

Oh No!

Kyl plans new, revised immigration reform bill
Paul Giblin, Tribune
U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl plans to introduce an immigration enforcement bill before the Senate’s month-long summer recess starts on Aug. 4.

Liar Kyl has a history of lying--He ran for re-election on a No Amnesty/No path to citizenship platform. When he was elected he introduced a bill with Ted Kennedy that would give Amnesty to 12-20 million illegals, plus allow them to bring in their family members from Mexico AND then allow 600,000 more residents of Mexico to move to the USA every year to become 'temporary workers'.

KYl then lied again, saying the bill was not Amnesty, since the illegals would have to 'pay a fine'.

He now says, I got a new bill, this time trust me--it is an 'enforcement' bill.

Jon Kyl you are a proven liar, and can't be trusted.

Liar double-talkin Kyl also came up with a new phrase to replace 'Amnesty' it's called 'regularization' -"One side wants to go easy on the enforcement and provide regularization to all of the people who are here; the other side wants to be really tough on enforcement and not provide for the regularization,” he said.

Good one, Liar Jon.

What an idiot.

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Scott said...

I'm with you. Spinmaster Jon Kyl can't tell the truth.

We just took him apart on his claims that the Dems are going to undo the great economy that the Republican tax cuts have spawned. You can find it at